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Scales For Measuring Weight Loss & Body Fat

Cut Weight More Accurately & Avoid Losing Muscle Mass by Monitoring Your Weight Loss w/a Good Body Fat, Water & BMI Scale. We Offer the Best Electronic Digital Bathroom Scales & Professional Gym Fitness Scales For Body Composition, Fat Percentage Calculation & Body Mass Index Measurement For Sale at Cheap Prices.

For combat sports like boxing, mma and wrestling, competing at the right body weight is essential.  In most cases, cutting weight for men and women is a necessary evil.  To do this correctly requires keeping a close eye on body composition so you don’t lose muscle and show up weaker and unhealthy to the event.  Unfortunately, most electronic digital scales found in fitness gyms or your bathroom only show weight loss changes and are not accurate enough to go by.  These will not help you monitor other important measurements you will need to know like water weight, body mass index and fat percentages.  Calculating your lean body mass at the beginning of your program is imperative for setting up an accurate nutrition plan that will help you dial in your exact competition weight so you’re as lean as possible for your class.  It will also make sure you eat enough protein so you don’t lose any valuable muscle.  There are several ways of doing this however most require the help of a professional who knows how to take this measurement.
One of the best ways to keep up with these measurements is to use an electronic digital scale designed for either body fat or bmi.  You can buy professional models for fitness gyms or more compact sizes that fit in your bathroom for sale that will help men and women calculate body composition, water and a body mass index number.  While the accuracy of these numbers are highly controversial, precision of the measurement is actually not the most important factor.  The best weight loss programs should help you lose water weight and body fat while maintaining muscle mass.  Cheap bathroom or digital scales that only measure weight will not help you determine if the actual composition of your body is changing while on your program.  Body fat and bmi scales used regularly throughout your diet will help you calculate whether your reduction in body weight is coming from fat, water or muscle loss.  Even if a body fat scale is not exactly accurate, as long as you use the same scale throughout your program, it will still be a good monitor for cutting only bad weight.  Electronic digital body fat scales will also help you figure out your body fat percentage so you can start your diet eating the correct amount of protein to avoid losing muscle. 
Both body fat and bmi measurements will help you monitor progress while cutting weight, however if you have to choose between the two, body fat is the best.  When buying a good bathroom or professional fitness gym scale, choose a cheap priced electronic digital body fat water scale over one that just helps calculate body mass index.  Bmi is a calculation of your height and weight but does not take into account how much muscle you have.  Body fat scales use an undetectable electric current that travels through the body when you step on the platform.  The resistance the current perceives depends upon the proportion of fat, water and muscle you have, giving a number you can use to calculate body composition and ultimately fat percentage and lean muscle mass.  While this procedure has been deemed grossly inaccurate when compared to other more scientific methods for measuring body composition, it still yields a number that’s the best way for men and women to monitor progress during accurate weight loss.  For the body fat scale to be useful in this manner, you must use the same scale throughout the program (with as close to the same parameters) each time; for example, same time of day, dry feet, same amount of water intake, etc.
Whether you use body mass index or fat percentage from a body composition reading, your weight loss will be much more accurate with regular monitoring of these numbers.  Being able to calculate this with a good electronic digital scale in the convenience of your own bathroom or gym will make cutting weight much easier and faster.  Buy your fitness bmi or professional body fat water scale from our online store and we will ship it right to your door for a cheap price.  We carry the best brand names offering the most accurate scales to help measure both body mass index and composition.  We feature a large selection of easy to read electronic digital scales of different sizes and price ranges including small bathroom models and larger, more accurate professional commercial scales used for official weigh ins at athletic events.  We also have some of the best customer service you will find on the internet and try hard to make sure you have a good experience buying from our store.  If you have any questions about any of the body fat, water, bmi or weight loss electronic digital scales we offer, contact us by phone or email and we will be glad to help.