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Sauna Suits & Sweat Suits

Fast Weight Loss For Your Next Boxing, MMA or Wrestling Event Can Be Much More Difficult w/out a Good Sauna Suit to Workout in. Here You Can Buy The Best Heavy Duty Rubber Lined Plastic, Nylon or Vinyl Sweat Suits & Name Brand Hooded Sauna Training Suits For Cheap Prices.

In combat sports such as wrestling, boxing or mma fighting, it pays to be the larger, heavier athlete in the weight class.  Even though athletes are the same weight at the weigh in, you can have a significant advantage by losing water weight days or even hours before the weigh in and then immediately replenishing right after.  This is done with a combination of dieting and rigorous exercise often while wearing a good sauna suit.  Sauna suits are waterproof garments often made of vinyl or plastic coated with rubber or nylon so they don’t breathe and keep heat inside to make the wearer sweat more.  This heavy duty apparel is not a part of one’s regular workout wear for the usual training; it’s best used only for quick removal of water when fast, extreme weight loss is required.  You can buy sweat suits in one piece outfits, hooded shirts or more expensive name brand styles that look good in the gym but even the cheapest models will do the trick.  Care should be taken however to make sure sauna suits are used correctly to not only reap the best benefits but also to ensure safety when cutting weight.
When athletes have to make a specific weight for boxing, mma or wrestling, the pressure can be intense.  Missing your weight class by a few pounds can mean forfeiting the match or giving up purse money.  This is when most combat sports athletes resort to wearing sauna suits made of nylon, vinyl, rubber or cheap plastic for an extra rapid weight loss workout.  With cutting pounds being the only focus, the best sweat suits can raise body temperatures very fast and put athletes in danger of dehydration.  This is why heavy duty sauna suits or hooded sweat suits should not be worn in gyms or environments with extremely hot temperatures.  Despite their name, sauna suits are not intended to be worn in actual saunas.  While water weight loss is the most obvious benefit, some brands contend their sweat suits do more.  When combined with intense exercise, sauna suits are proclaimed to also increase metabolic rate and help burn calories leading body fat loss, however this idea is controversial.  Other experts suggest any benefits beyond temporary water weight loss is mental; providing the wearer with merely the impression of getting a ‘better workout’ because of the increase in body heat.
When buying the best sauna suit, first decide how heavy duty you need it to be for what you want it for.  If you’re cutting a few pounds of water weight for boxing, wrestling or mma, choose a cheap priced sweat suit made of plastic or rubber lined vinyl.  If you plan on wearing a sauna suit as workout clothing to the gym, a name brand nylon model will look more stylish and still benefit training that may be less extreme.  No matter your reason for wearing one, choose a sweat suit that will be the most effective at raising the body temperature and keeping the heat in.  For this purpose, sauna suits with a pullover hooded jacket and full length pants are best.  The most effective sweat suits have elastic closures at the waist, neck, wrists and ankles to help keep moisture inside the garment when exercising.  Price is often a good quality indicator for most brands of sauna suits with the more expensive models being made with heavier duty materials and lasting longer than the cheap ones.  Keep this in mind when buying a sauna suit for boxing, wrestling or mma as these athletes will often train in them when cutting weight.
Whether you’re wearing a cheap plastic sauna suit to shed a few pounds of water for your next boxing, wrestling or mma event or want the health benefits of sweating out some toxins, make sure to use it safely.  If you have any health conditions, it’s best to check with your doctor before buying to make sure a heavy duty sweat suit won’t put you in danger.  For the best weight loss workouts, exercise in a good quality sauna suit that will be sturdy enough to last through extreme training conditions.  Check out a great selection of top rated brand name sweat suits at our online store.  We carry a wide variety of cheap priced vinyl, rubber lined nylon and plastic sauna suits that work great for fast weight loss in a pinch when cutting.  We also have hooded pullover tops as well as short and full length pants with enclosed waist, ankles and wrists to keep body heat in better than anything else you will find.  We drop ship most name brand sauna suits directly from our suppliers for the fastest and cheapest delivery possible.  We also have top rated customer service should you have any questions about which model sweat suit is best or how heavy duty you might need for your program.