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Wrestling Headgear

Protect your Ears from Injury and Gain a Performance Edge with new non-slip Wrestling Headgear Ear Protector Pads. Here, you can buy top non-slip Wrestling Headgear Ear Guards that Provide the Best Ear Protection, at Cheap, Discount Online Sales Prices.

Grappling combat sports such as Jiu Jitsu and wrestling require very little protective gear however what few pads there are should be taken seriously.  Becoming the best at these sports takes many hours of intense practice that can take its toll on the body if you don’t use the right equipment.  In grappling and wrestling, your ears will take a beating from constantly being ground into your opponent and on the mat.  Without the protection of the best non-slip wrestling headgear pads that guard the outer ear, skin can pull away from the cartilage causing a pocket of swelling to develop.  This is a painful, acute condition that requires treatment by a medical professional to drain off the fluid and time off from training.  Without treatment, the inflammation will go down however the pocket will remain and fill with scar tissue.  The result is an unsightly, permanent deformity called ‘cauliflower ear’ that requires plastic surgery to correct.  While this is a lot of trouble for a competitive athlete to go through, prevention is the best policy.  Fortunately, wrestling protective headgear is available to pad the ears while grappling when worn during training and competition.  Good, new non-slip wrestling ear guards are fairly inexpensive and easy to find for sale online.
Proper fitting wrestling ear guards will give you an edge, allowing you to train much harder without worry of injury or damage to your ears while grappling.  The best wrestling headgear for sale is designed to not only provide important protection for your ears but should be sleek enough to enhance your speed and performance on the mat. This is why it’s important when buying protective wrestling ear pads to buy the best low profile, non-slip grappling headgear that will not move around on your head, be cumbersome or get in the way.  When protective wrestling ear pads do not provide a secure fit and are too loose, they can slide down your forehead, obstruct your vision in the middle of a match and even get yanked on by your opponent.  On the other hand, wrestling ear guards that are too tight can be uncomfortable on/under your chin, strangling and distracting you.  Cheap, bulky wrestling ear guards are cheap for a reason.  This type of wrestling headgear can be difficult to adjust and often do not provide a secure non-slip fit while you are wrestling.  Cheap, low quality headgear often has hard outer shells that may cause damage to training mats, hurt your partners and may not provide the padded ear protection you need while grappling.  

This is why most new wrestling headgear is comprised of non-slip hard shells that cups the ears and holds the protective padding in place keeping your ears protected at all times.  The cups are covered by soft pads that protect the mats and also your training partner during grappling.  The best new non-slip wrestling ear guards are held securely on the head by an easy to use adjustable strap system.  Different brands feature different strap systems and have unique features you may like, so it is a good idea before purchasing to review the different brands and wrestling headgear options to find the grappling ear protection that is best for you.  Performance and comfort are the most important things to consider when buying wrestling headgear.  However besides providing the best ear protection, your new non-slip wrestling headgear is also seen by other wrestlers and everyone at the tournament.  When wrestling for your school you may be limited in your color and style options, but not when wrestling in the off-season.  Protective wrestling ear guard pads come in a wide variety of colors and styles.  This makes shopping for wrestling headgear fun and allows you to find and buy headgear to match your uniform and express your unique personal style.
At our online grappling and combat supplies store, we only carry the best new wrestling ear guards from the top, most respected brand names in the business.  The wrestling headgear we have for sale are all non-slip, easily adjustable and provide the most complete grappling ear padding and protection possible.  We carry a variety of different wrestling headgear styles in many pad color variations for sale at the cheapest possible price. We also provide detailed product information, high resolution photos and excellent customer service, making it easy and affordable for you to find and buy the best wrestling headgear ear guard protectors for you.  If you have any questions about any of the new non-slip wrestling ear guard pads we have for sale or need any help finding the best grappling ear protection for you, give us a call or send us an email and one of our more than knowledgeable wrestling gear professionals will be happy to help.  At Highlandsfightgear we are not just a new wrestling gear and supplies site, we are wrestlers.  I started this site for the wrestlers at my club to be able to easily find and buy the best non-slip headgear ear guard protectors and other supplies at the cheapest possible prices to help make it easy and affordable for them and their families and want to extent that to all wrestling families.  So enjoy browsing our site, finding the best wrestling headgear ear pad protection for you and allowing us to make your wrestling that much better and more fun!