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Wrestling Rash Guards

Protect Your Skin From Rashes & Improve Your Wrestling Performance With A Combat Sports Rash Guard. We Offer The Best Short & Long Sleeve Rashguard Compression Shirts For Wrestlers On Sale For Cheap Prices

Besides the more severe injuries of hyperextended joints, sprains and strains, wrestlers engaged in combat also suffer numerous other nagging issues.  Mat burn and friction rashes are among the least serious however perhaps the most common in wrestling and grappling sports.  While skin abrasions are mostly an irritation factor, combined with the constant exposure of infectious microbes and harmful bacteria wrestlers and grapplers experience, these minor annoyances must be taken seriously.  Wrestlers must keep a close eye on cuts, scrapes and even the slightest open skin wounds, keeping them covered to prevent the high possibility of infection.  Wrestling rash guard compression shirts are not only the best way to keep from getting mat burn but also excellent for providing a protective layer over already injured skin.  If you have a mat burn on your torso, shoulders or arms, a short or long sleeve rashguard shirt is the best piece of equipment you can own.
Rash guards can also be considered an important part of your personal hygiene when it comes to preventive measures against communicable skin diseases common to wrestling and grappling combat sports.  Besides using anti-bacterial soaps, wipes and disinfectant laundry detergent, wearing apparel like wrestling rash guards also help by reducing your exposure to contagious germs.  Short or long sleeve compression shirts act as a terrific barrier by limiting the amount of skin on skin contact.  Most wrestlers train in cotton t-shirts that quickly get consumed in moisture and easily aid in the transfer of angry bacteria when rolling around with another sweaty wrestler.  A good wrestling rash guard is not only an extra protective measure against pathogens, but also the most comfortable way to train.  The best rash guards are made of moisture wicking material for a cool comfortable fit and drier performance. 
Besides keeping body moisture under control, you will be amazed at how much of a performance edge you will get by wearing a wrestling rash guard.  Also, called a tech top, rash guards are made of extremely lightweight, stretchy, lycra/spandex, high tech material that clings to the body like a second skin.  The way these compression shirts helps prevent rashes is by giving the skin a slick outer covering, allowing you to slide against the wrestling mat rather than stick to it.  This allows faster, sleeker movement great for getting out of bad positions and sliding into good ones.  Rash guards come in either short or long sleeve styles best chosen by personal preference.  Long sleeve wrestling rashguards provide a greater area of skin coverage so are therefore more protective against bacteria, however may take some getting used to if you’re not used to your arms being covered during combat.  Many wrestlers choose short sleeve rashguards for the best combination of protective coverage, comfort and ease of movement.
Your wrestling will significantly improve the sooner you start wearing a rash guard compression shirt for all your practice sessions.  You will feel lighter, cooler, move better and look awesome with the right wrestling rashguard.  Besides a great performance edge, wrestling rash guards will also add another layer of protection against contagious skin infections giving you yet another advantage in combat.  Choose the best rash guard for you from a top selection at our online store.  We have the best quality wrestling rash guards, tech tops and compression shirts in both short and long sleeve styles from all the greatest brand name companies.  Buy your wrestling rashguard for a discounted price from our shop and you will get the best quality performing training shirt for the cheapest price you will find.  We also have top rated customer service in case you have any questions about which wrestling rashguard may be best for you.  Contact us by phone or email and we will be glad to help.