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Wrestling Mat Cleaning Products & Disinfectants For Training Equipment

Prevent Ringworm, Staph & MRSA Skin Infections From Spreading in Your Gym w/Powerful Wrestling Mat Cleaners & Disinfectants For Training Equipment. We Offer The Best Full Spectrum Cleaning Supplies For Wrestling Mats, Flooring & Equipment in Mma Facilities For Sale At Cheap Prices 

Even with meticulous personal hygiene using the strongest antimicrobial cleansing products, you still may be very susceptible to ringworm and bacterial infections such as staph and even mrsa when wrestling.  Harmful microbes that cause contagious illnesses are not only transmitted by contacting an infected partner, they also live on training surfaces.  The fact is, if you’re wrestling or mma fighting on mats that are not cleaned properly with the right disinfectants, your personal hygiene regimen will not be enough.  Complete prevention of spreading skin infections must be two fold with hygiene commitments being shared by both the athlete and gym owner.  Unfortunately, Only a disciplined regimen using industrial strength anti bacterial cleaners on wrestling mats and gym equipment will keep athletes healthy and protect them from getting sick. 
For the best preventive program, it’s important you choose the right mat cleaner and disinfectant that’s both specific for your particular use and also covers a full sprectrum of potential illness causing microbes.  Cheaper priced sanitizers might save you money up front but may only be effective for a small number of pathogens, leaving your athletes susceptible.  When deciding on the best cleaning supplies for your facility, first make sure it’s specific to the training surface.  There are different sanitizers for different types of equipment, for example some disinfectants are specifically designed for cleaning mma sparring pads and gym equipment while others are best for wrestling mats.  It’s important to check the label of the particular disinfectant solution you purchase to view exactly what pathogens it’s designed to kill.  The best, most broad spectrum wrestling mat cleaners and equipment sanitizers prevent the spreading of ringworm (trichophyton mentagrophites), staph and even MRSA.  Don’t expect your mat cleaner to kill all harmful germs just because it’s designed to clean wrestling mats; if it’s not listed on the label, don’t expect it to be included.
Before use, read the label and follow the directions on your wrestling mat cleaner or gym equipment disinfectant products.  To be the most effective, the cleaner you use must be diluted correctly with the proper ratio of product to water.  If your cleaning solution is too strong, you will waste product and money; if it’s too dilute, it will not be strong enough to completely prevent the spreading of ringworm, staph or mrsa.  Clean all contact surfaces on wrestling, mma grappling mats and training equipment with industrial strength disinfectants at least once/day after use.  Do this more frequently if you have a very high volume of athletes that use your facility.  Keep in mind however most mat cleaners require a surface remain wet with the cleaning solution for a short period of time to give the disinfectant time to kill all the germs.  Considering this, it may not be feasible to clean wrestling mats in between back to back training sessions, leaving even more importance on a strict regular, thorough cleaning regimen during down time.  Besides daily disinfecting with the right mat and equipment cleaners, it’s also smart to consider a yet, even more thorough cleaning once/month with stronger, less dilute solution or more powerful sanitizer in high traffic situations.
With a regular schedule of cleaning wrestling mats and gym equipment with the best industrial strength sanitizers, you will play a huge part in the prevention of extremely common contagious illnesses.  This is not only important for keeping your athletes healthy, but also maintaining a healthy reputation for your training facility.  If your gym is known for spreading ringworm with athletes catching something every time they practice on your mats, you will soon have difficulty paying the rent.  Adopt a cleaning regimen using powerful disinfectants on wrestling mats that will guarantee a pristine environment athletes can excel in.  For the safest and strongest mat cleaners and equipment sanitizers, buy them from our online store.  At, we only carry the most powerful, broad spectrum anti bacterial cleaning agents specifically designed to kill ringworm, staph and mrsa completely.  We also make it a point to sell our cleaning products at rock bottom prices so it’s affordable to practice proper hygiene on a regular basis. 

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