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Women's Wrestling Singlets

You Can Easily Compete w/the Guys by Wearing a New, High Performance Women’s Cut Singlet. We Offer the Best Girl’s Wrestling Uniforms w/Cool Team Designs & Awesome, Unusual Artwork For Sale at Cheap Discount Prices.

The introduction of women’s divisions in mixed martial arts competitive fighting has propelled girl’s wrestling into the limelight.  Girls are wrestling more and more in clubs, school teams and more states are offering women’s only leagues.  While most wrestling equipment for sale is the same as what the boys use, the differences in girl’s body shape require slightly different designs in uniforms.  Years ago, singlets for women were merely a modified version of the men’s uniform.  The problem with a garment for a female that was actually made for a man is they were uncomfortable to wear and ultimately detracted from performance.  The first wrestling singlets made for girls were too tight in the groin, rode up the thighs and didn’t provide enough coverage for the chest.  Fortunately, the popularity of girls and women’s wrestling beyond has prompted manufacturers to produce cool new uniforms that cater more to a female wrestler’s body type and performance needs.
The newest wrestling singlets for women and girls are made to fit the contours of the female body for the best support and appropriate coverage of all their body parts.  While the maneuvers for girls wrestling is exactly the same as the boys, many aspects of their wrestling singlets are the same.  The main difference is girl’s uniforms have a slightly higher cut to offer a bit more coverage for the upper body.  They are also built with a broader design in the hips to offer a better fit for a female’s different shaped pelvis type.  Just like the men’s, singlets are meant to be skin tight for the sleekest movement on the mat and so referees can see every part of the body for proper score keeping.  Girl’s wrestling singlets are also available for sale in many different colors and cool, unusual designs, however school teams often require a specific look.  Costs for these uniforms also vary from cheap, near wholesale prices to more expensive, however all are affordable for most budgets.
Just like the best singlets for guys, top performing women’s wrestling uniforms are made of a blend of stretchy lycra and/or nylon for a flexible, contoured fit that moves with the body and provides excellent support.  For the most comfortable garment, search for a girl’s wrestling singlet for sale with breathable, moisture wicking material designed to keep you cool during activity.  These types are available for both young girls and adult women’s sizes in solid team colors or with awesome, flashy unusual artwork printed on them.  When shopping for a good girl’s wrestling uniform, choose one with shoulder straps that are plenty wide so the pull is distributed evenly and won’t cut into the traps.  Some women’s singlets even include bra liners so they can be worn without any undergarments and still provide enough support.  The best new girl’s uniforms for wrestling are tailored cut to hug the contours of the female shape and have tapered legs to prevent the garment from riding up the thighs during movement.
One of the best things about women’s wrestling singlets is they come in as many awesome colors and cool, unusual designs as the guy’s uniforms while still offering the same performance benefits.  You can also expect the same costs for a girl’s singlet with similar low prices and as many cheap deals as other uniforms if you shop at the right store.  At our online store, you can get a wrestling singlet specifically designed for female athletes very affordably and easily.  At, you can order the best high performance singlets for young girls and women and have it delivered quickly and conveniently right to your door.  We carry all the top name brands and feature every plain team design and cool wrestling uniforms with unique, interesting artwork for sale at discount prices.  We also have a very easy return policy should you order a singlet that’s the wrong size or doesn’t fit perfectly.  Our customer service is top rated and we are glad to help you with your order or answer questions about sizing or availability.