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Training Bags, Striking Targets & Shields

Improve Your Fitness & Develop Striking Power When You Workout w/Different Types of Colored Boxing Bags & MMA Fight Training Equipment. We Offer the Best Martial Arts Striking Pads, Hand Held Curved Kicking Targets & Good Home Gym Combat Sports Exercise Bags For Beginners & Top Ten Winning Fighters on Sale for Super Cheap Prices

Developing your striking is an important aspect of becoming a well-rounded fighter.  You won’t be much of an mma fighter or boxer if all you ever do is shadow box.  Without ever experiencing the impact of full contact striking, you will be ill-prepared for winning in any type of combat sports fighting.  If you’re going to hit things when you compete, it only makes sense to practice hitting when you workout to prepare for the event.  Full contact martial arts fighting is best prepared for by sparring with an opponent and many hours of work on different types of athletic training bags and striking pads.  Whether you’re a beginner or expert, practicing your striking and kicking on boxing bags, martial arts pads and strike targets is essential for developing this part of your game.  As there are many aspects of mma, there are also many types of cheap priced fight training bags you will need to exercise with for this athletic endeavor.  Curved bags, colored fitness pads and good hand held targets for kicking and striking are necessary equipment whether you train at home or the gym if you want to be a top ten fighter. 
While there are definite benefits to training with a live partner, to really develop the power of your striking and kicking for full contact martial arts, boxing or mma, you must use a combination of curved types of combat sports training bags, pads, boxing bags and different hand held targets.  Extended workouts involving repetitive kicking, boxing and striking types of martial arts bags and padded focus targets are also excellent cardiovascular work resulting in improved fight conditioning, stamina and better fitness.  Whether you’re a beginner or a top ten winning mma fighter, working out on training bags, strike targets and even cheap home gym boxing bags is terrific exercise to raise your heart rate as a good warm up.  Hand held strike pads with colored targets painted on them are super equipment for developing speed and precision.  Getting used to the feeling of impact your body experiences when you slam your feet, shins, elbows and fists into something with all your might is an important type of conditioning for full contact fighting.  Good weighted mma training bags and boxing workout bags for sale will even thicken your bones if you hit them enough times. 
Choose the type of home gym training bag, pad or strike target you workout with based on where your martial arts or boxing fight game needs work.  To go from beginner to top ten winning mma fighter, you must practice all the different types of martial arts disciplines all the time.  Considering the fitness training and combat sports exercise equipment you buy for sale will have to withstand repetitive beatings and much physical abuse, it must be extremely durable.  Make sure it has a thick outer coating of either leather, synthetic leather or canvas so it won’t break down after just a few workouts.  Seams should be double or even triple stitched, however it’s smart to study all the seams of an mma training bag or martial arts curved strike pad before buying as cheap models often fail here.  For good kicking pads and boxing strike targets that are hand held, make sure straps are super sturdy and not cheaply made to allow for a firm grip so the pad holder won’t slip and possibly get injured.  The best striking bags, boxing bags and colored strike pads also have smooth surfaces that can be cleaned regularly with strong disinfectants to sanitize blood or body fluids and prevent contagious skin infection problems common to gym environments.  If the training bag must be mounted or installed, make sure it has strong, reliable attachments so it won’t fly off the wall or drop from the ceiling when struck. 
Whether you’re a beginner training at home or winning mma fighter in a top ten gym, you will need to develop your striking game with workouts using different types of boxing bags, curved kicking pads and good hand held colored targets.  This exercise equipment is not only great for martial arts fitness but an essential part of combat sports fight training.  To become a fighter who’s super prepared for anything in the ring, you will need a complete collection of all sizes and shapes of boxing and kicking fight training bags.  This is why it’s so important to find a source that offers top quality striking pads and bags for sale at cheap prices.  At Highlandsfightgear, we only deal with the best brand name companies so you can rest assured the equipment we sell will be reliable.  You can also count on spending less at our online store than anywhere else as we make it a point to sell our fight training bags, boxing and martial arts gear at rock bottom, discount prices.  We also have top rated customer service and offer fast, affordable shipping.  Contact us if you have any questions about any of our boxing striking bags, hand held targets or kicking pads and we will glad to help.