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Boxing Headgear

Train Harder and Safer by Preventing Cuts & Swelling to The Face & Head When Sparring w/Professional Boxing Headgear & Face Guard Shields. At Our Online Fight Supplies Store, You Can Buy the Best Boxing Head Guards & Face Protectors Including USA Boxing Approved Open Face Headgear for Amateur Competition & Thick Padded Head Guards w/Full Face Shields For Sparring Training on Sale at Cheap, Discount Prices.

Adidas Full Face Training Head GuardAdidas Full Face Training Head Guard
Century Brave Open Face Headgear - Red/BlackCentury Brave Open Face Headgear - Red/Black
Champion II Headgear - BlackChampion II Headgear - Black
Champion II Headgear - BlueChampion II Headgear - Blue
Champion II Headgear with Chin - BlackChampion II Headgear with Chin - Black
Guvnor Headgear - BlackGuvnor Headgear - Black
Leather Headgear with Cheek Protection - No ChinLeather Headgear with Cheek Protection - No Chin
Pro Boxing No-Contact Headgear Custom MadePro Boxing No-Contact Headgear Custom Made
QuikStryke Sparring Head GearQuikStryke Sparring Head Gear
RDX Zero Impact Ladies Leather-X Grill Head GuardRDX Zero Impact Ladies Leather-X Grill Head Guard
RDX Zero Impact Leather Head GuardRDX Zero Impact Leather Head Guard
RDX Zero Impact Leather-X Grill Head GuardRDX Zero Impact Leather-X Grill Head Guard
Rival RHG10 Intelli-Shock Headgear Black/BlueRival RHG10 Intelli-Shock Headgear Black/Blue
Top Ten AIBA Leather Head Guard - BlueTop Ten AIBA Leather Head Guard - Blue
Top Ten AIBA Leather Head Guard - RedTop Ten AIBA Leather Head Guard - Red

At some point in their professional career, every boxer makes the transition from amateur fitness to fighter.  This is when conditioning, punching technique and footwork has become developed enough so sparring is the next progression in training.  It’s one thing to throw punches in the air and slam your fists into a heavy bag, but when you’re standing across from a sparring opponent who hits back, certain protective gear becomes necessary.  Everyone is familiar with boxing gloves and the reasons to pad the hands, but when punches start impacting the face and head, safety and longevity must be prioritized.  To prepare for winning a fight, you must be able to train extremely hard but stay healthy enough to withstand the frequency needed to improve your sparring skills.  This means as close to full contact fighting as possible quite often.  Without the right protective gear, this would be impossible.  While all punches score points and wear down your opponent, strikes to the face and head cause the most damage and have the best potential for ending the fight impressively.  This is why shielding the face with proper boxing headgear and face guard protectors are some of the most important supplies you can buy.
Boxing headgear is protective sparring equipment that’s a type of padded helmet to help prevent injuries by guarding the face and head with a shield from full contact striking.  The advantage of this gear is it allows you to train harder and simulate an actual boxing match much safer than without.  Keep in mind however boxing headgear mainly protects the face and head from cuts, scrapes and swelling but does very little for preventing concussions so control should still be maintained while sparring.  It’s important to wear boxing head guards and fight face shields while training to keep from getting cut up but also to get used to wearing it; this protective equipment is required gear for amateur and Olympic level competition.  Headgear designed for training often has thicker padding and often includes face shield protectors for better injury prevention, however tends to be heavier and can reduce visibility.  Competition boxing headgear is much lighter weight but also completely open faced.  Whether you wear it for protection during sparring workouts or part of your competition uniform, avoid cheap quality fight supplies for sale at discount fitness stores or wholesale boxing outlets.  Don’t be afraid to spend the extra money on professional gear that will last and offer the right protection to guard both the head and shield the face from injury.
For the best performance during sparring and amateur fighting, buy boxing headgear and face protectors with certain features rather than just a cheap, discount price.  For the most protection possible, a proper fit is extremely important.  The best professional boxing head guards and face shields have a lace up top and either Velcro or lace up back for the easiest way to achieve the custom fit you need.  It’s also smart to choose sparring headgear for sale with a chin buckle rather than Velcro as this strap is heavily used and Velcro tends to wear out faster.  Whether you’re shopping online or in a fight training supplies store, look for boxing headgear and face shield protectors that have a USA Boxing certification so you can be assured it’s competition approved and professional quality rather than a cheap fitness grade.  While head guards designed for training have padded shields covering the face, this often limits visibility making it harder to defend punches.  Lighter weight boxers who are faster on their feet may want to choose boxing sparring headgear with smaller padding and a face shield cage.  These head protectors have better visibility to help evade punches.  Heavyweights should consider thicker, more protective equipment to better guard the face and head from more powerful punches.  Finding the winning combination of comfort, visibility and protection may take some experimenting so shopping at an online boxing fight supplies store with a good return policy is the best idea.
When your boxing skills progress beyond fitness and into the realm of actual sparring, the chances of getting injured increase ten-fold and guarding the face and head with protective equipment you can rely on is a must.  This is why you should only buy important safety gear like boxing headgear and face shield protectors from a reliable source rather than just a cheap priced wholesale outlet.  At our online fight supplies store, we only sell professional grade boxing equipment from the most trusted brand names.  We feature a large selection of boxing protective gear for sale with a wide variety of styles including USA Boxing approved faceless models for amateur and Olympic level competition as well as fully padded training head guards with face shields for sparring in the gym.  We also have an easy, no hassle return policy should the boxing headgear or any of the protective fight supplies we have for sale fit less than perfect.  Besides making sure you get the best, most reliable boxing safety equipment for the cheapest, discount prices possible, it’s also very important to us you have a good experience shopping with us.  This is why we make customer service a top priority.  If you have questions about boxing head guards, fight face shield protectors or any of the protective gear we have for sale or need help with your order, please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or email and we will be glad to help.