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Boxing Shorts

Stand Out From The Crowd and Perform at Your Best in the Ring with a Flashy Pair of Sublimated, Satin Boxing Shorts! We Offer a Great Selection of Top Quality Boxing Shorts & Satin Fight Trunks For Sale at Cheap, Discount Prices.

In boxing, very little specific apparel is required. During training, any type of workout clothes will do, however in competition, performance is what counts. Restrictive or heavy clothing will greatly slow you down. To remain nimble and quick on your feet, boxing apparel must be minimal, ultra-lightweight and easy to move in. In the ring, the best clothing to wear is a good pair of boxing shorts. Boxing shorts are knee-length trunks that are very loose in the legs so they offer no resistance and the greatest range of motion. They also have a high waist that tends to cover much of the lower abdominal area which also offers a type of protection for the athlete. Boxers are not allowed to hit below the belt and a good pair of high-waist boxing shorts raise the belt line’s height to keep the more sensitive areas out of the punch zone. If you wear protective padding for your belly or groin, boxing trunks with a high waistline do a great job of concealing the pads. Besides better performance and safety, the right pair of stylish boxing shorts will give you a professional look and boost your confidence level in the ring.

When shopping for the best boxing shorts, choose performance features and durability over just a cheap price. Most boxing trunks approved for the sport will be a similar length, right around or just below the knee. The waist band should be at least 4 inches tall and provide a snug but comfortable fit. The best boxing shorts will also have a tie-string hidden on the inside of the waistband to prevent slippage. Boxing trunks should be baggy in the thighs and crotch; if not, you have the wrong size. Performance features to look for in the best boxing shorts include hemmed bottoms, double stitched seams, and roomy enough for a pro style protective cup. Trunks with a slit up the side of the leg have the best range of motion but are more revealing. Most boxing trunks are made of a satin-like, polyester blend of materials for a long lasting, machine washable short that looks great even after it’s been wadded into a gym bag full of gear. Boxing shorts come in a wide variety of styles and colors, from plain, solids to flag representations. Wearing a flashy pair of boxing trunks in the competitive ring will send a statement of your personal style and what kind of fighter you are. Fortunately, boxing shorts will be one of the cheaper pieces of equipment in your bag. If you shop at the right store, you can find terrific looking, professional quality boxing shorts for a very affordable price.

At our online store, we offer a huge a selection of boxing shorts for prices that are highly discounted every day. We sell some of the top name brands so we can offer the finest quality boxing trunks best for both training and competition. If you want to look great for your pro debut, get the best looking pair of professional boxing trunks for the cheapest price from us. We offer numerous styles including brightly colored, sublimated shorts as well as conservative looking, solid colored trunks for pro sanctioned events. Regardless of the look you choose, all the boxing shorts we have for sale are high performance and designed to be as comfortable and durable as possible. Whether you’re competing, training or just want a good pair of satin boxing shorts to lounge around the house in, we make it easy to get the trunks you want quickly and for a cheap price. All the boxing shorts we have for sale feature easy to read detailed descriptions and high resolution graphics so you know exactly what you’re getting before you buy. Our shopping cart is simple, quick and secure and your order will be handled right away. We also have an easy return policy should the boxing shorts you buy not have the perfect fit, we will take them back without question. If you have questions about any of the boxing shorts or satin boxing trunks we have for sale, please contact us by phone or email and we will be glad to help.