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Tools & Supplies For Managing & Cutting Weight

Avoid The Dangers of Fast Weight Loss From Extreme Techniques w/a Balanced Diet Program & The Best Weight Management Products. Whether You’re Cutting Water or Reducing Calories, Prepare For Your Next Wrestling or MMA Match Safely w/Information & Accessories From Our Store.

Missing your weight for a wrestling or mma fight is inexcusable and can be extremely costly.  If your fast weight loss program goes awry, you could end up missing a good competition, forfeiting a title shot and even losing purse money.  Cutting too much weight at the last minute can be an unsafe practice for both your performance and your health.  Some techniques for fast weight loss can be dangerous and even lead to serious health problems.  Cutting too many calories can also hurt your performance by causing fatigue, muscular weakness or cramping.  Besides filling a spot on a team or making it into a competition, it’s extremely important for wrestlers and mma fighters to be in the correct weight class.  All combat athletes want to be the largest in their weight class to have the size and strength advantage.  While all the athletes in a weight class will have the same scale weight, their bodies will have different make ups.  Some will be a tighter, more muscular build with very little body fat.  Athletes who carry around more water and fat will not be as fast or strong as the leaner built ones.  This is why weight management should be a top priority for every good competitive combat athlete both during and off season.   
There are basically two strategies used in wrestling and mma to manage body weight.  The most commonly used are fast, extreme weight cutting programs employed by athletes who hate dieting and prefer to wait until the last minute.  Many of the unsafe techniques used in these methods have been handed down from coaches who just did whatever worked and have no science behind them. Rapid weight cutting is notorious for leaving an athlete drained, weakened and sluggish if even the slightest thing goes wrong. The other strategy used for combat athletes weight management is a longer term but much healthier plan.  This plan is a season-long nutritional diet program, eating only clean food and staying within 5 pounds of your competition weight.  This strategy takes discipline and is not the fastest road however is the safest and offers the best performance possible.  Eating clean is an easy way to control calories and make sure the weight you lose is only body fat and not lean muscle.  It is also much easier to shed a few water weight pounds when eating only clean foods in your diet.  Even though a lengthy nutrition program is much more work, it’s the best way of avoiding the dangers of arduous, last minute weight cutting.
Regardless of the weight management strategy you choose, there are certain principles you should follow to make sure your cutting program is safe and diet program is sound.  The first place to start is to avoid all junk from your diet and eat only clean, natural whole foods during the whole wrestling season or your entire mma training cycle.  Fueling the body with clean fuel will ensure optimum performance in both training and competition.  To avoid any muscle loss, base your nutrition plan off your lean body mass for the correct amount of protein and calories.  When dieting, only reduce carbs and fat but never the protein.  Include plenty of vegetables so your bowels stay healthy, water doesn’t accumulate in the gut and you’re getting lots of vitamins.  Drink plenty of water constantly to stay hydrated and even more so when cutting.  Avoid extreme weight loss techniques with water loading and depleting and use these methods in moderation and caution.  Make an effort to stay within 3-5 pounds of your competition weight through the season or during your fight camp. 
Whether your weight management includes fast cutting at the last minute or a less extreme approach, avoid the dangers of unsafe, unhealthy techniques with a properly balance nutrition plan.  When you eat a clean diet that’s been programmed for your lean body mass, you will only lose bad weight and find removing water is much faster and easier.  For the best performance, use a reduced calorie diet produced by a nutrition expert.  This process can be tricky and quickly become unsafe if you don’t know what you’re doing.  You can use our website for the best information and weight management products to make your cutting techniques much more effective.  Our webmaster is also a professional strength/conditioning and nutrition coach for wrestling teams and many other athletes.  If you have any questions about our products or want more information about healthy nutrition for wrestling or mma, contact us and we will be glad to help.  Our online store is also run by a doctor, so we only recommend the most effective methods that are also the safest.