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Wrestling Score Clocks & Timers

Run More Efficient Practices & Give Your Tournaments a Professional Edge w/Precision Wrestling Score Clocks & Timing Devices. We Offer the Best Table Top, Wall Mounted & Free Standing Wrestling Timers & Digital Score Clocks For Sale at Discount Prices.

PRO Boxing Deluxe Gym TimerPRO Boxing Deluxe Gym Timer
PRO Boxing Digital Gym Timer with RemotePRO Boxing Digital Gym Timer with Remote
PRO Boxing Digital MMA Gym Timer with RemotePRO Boxing Digital MMA Gym Timer with Remote
PRO Boxing Pro Digital Gym Timer with RemotePRO Boxing Pro Digital Gym Timer with Remote
Revgear Deluxe Boxing Gym Training TimerRevgear Deluxe Boxing Gym Training Timer
Revgear Deluxe Ring TimerRevgear Deluxe Ring Timer
Revgear Digital Gym Timer with RemoteRevgear Digital Gym Timer with Remote

Wrestling does not require lots of equipment like some sports, however the few pieces it does are mandatory.  Most clubs and school teams can get by with hand-me-down mats if necessary but score clocks and timers should be prioritized as brand new purchases only.  Wrestling matches are often three periods of 1-2 minutes long each.  Timers are used during practices to keep track of timed exercise drills and live wrestling to prepare for this.  During tournaments, score clocks not only run the match but also communicate to the crowd what’s happening.  Fortunately, these accessories are plentiful with many varieties available in a wide range of prices.  Some are just for wrestling, yet some offer timing templates for use w/other sports like basketball or volleyball. Overall, there are two types, gym timers and event score clocks.  The difference is size and complexity.  Gym timers are simpler, cheaper and can generally fit on a table top.  Wrestling score clocks for tournaments are larger, offer many more functions and cost much more.  While the big fancy ones bring a professional look for an event, the more portable table tops are the most versatile; these can often be used at both events and in the gym.
Many clubs and teams host wrestling tournaments as an important source of income for their organization.  Without proper wrestling timers and score clocks, competition matches have no structure; at a tournament, the score clock is what starts and stops the match.  While any size can be used for the gym, but for events with an audience your clock must be large enough to be visible from far away.  This means wrestling score clocks and timers for use at tournaments must have large and/or brightly colored displays so they can be easily seen.  Most of the larger wrestling tournament score clocks plug into the wall but some of the smaller models use batteries.  Wall plug varieties are better to avoid any type of malfunction from weak batteries but the cord should be taken into account when setting up your event.  For large competitions, the best (and most expensive) wrestling timer score clocks have multiple sides so they can be seen from several different directions.  These are often free standing units and can be stood up next to the scoring table, rather than placed on it so as not to block the table workers view from the match and watching the ref.  Table top timers are significantly cheaper however interfering with the table workers line of sight is a common problem that can lead to interruptions during a match.
Whether used in the gym or a big tournament, it’s important your wrestling score clock has certain features.  As important as these accessories are, they should not only be easy for an audience to see, but also simple read and operate for the person running it.  If the timer is too complicated for the user, there may be delays and confusion during the match.  When shopping for the best wrestling score clock, choose a model with large buttons that are simple to find and press quickly during a match.  Buttons such as start/stop, adding/subtracting time and resetting the time and score must be large and easy to figure out.  The best score clocks for wrestling also have fairly loud buzzers so they can heard by the combatants, referee and audience.  Timers with large lights on top that can easily be seen are great for athletes to quickly glance at during a match or training without distracting them.  Good wrestling score clocks offer other features besides just time and score.  Number of periods, injury time outs and riding time are excellent bonuses to look for. 
For the best training and most efficient gym time, you will need a timer that’s accurate and easy to run.  If you run tournaments, the environment you provide for competition must be nothing less than completely professional; you will need good wrestling score clocks that are easy to see from afar, have a deluxe look and plenty of features.  Whether you choose a cheap priced table top gym timer or a pro competition wrestling score clock, the importance of these accessories make them worth paying for.  If you shop at our online store, you can get the best wrestling timers and score clocks on the market for discount prices.  We carry a large selection of both portable timers and large, wall hanging or free standing professional wrestling tournament score clocks and sell them for very affordable prices.  Use our store to outfit your gym and competition with precision timing score keeping devices for the easiest and you will get equipped with top of the line supplies and save money doing it.  We also have excellent customer service should you need help with your order or have questions about any of our products.