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Sublimated Wrestling Singlets

You Will Perform Better & Win More Matches Because of the New Confidence You Have Wearing a Cool Wrestling Singlet w/an Awesome Sublimated Design. We Have the Best Selection of Singlets w/Amazing Sublimated Graphics & Low Cost Team Uniforms For Sale at Cheap Prices.

Singlets are the required uniforms in wrestling and come in lots of colors and varieties.  There are many plain singlets often used by teams or as a base for a customization job.  There are also colored singlets that are ‘sublimated’ with amazing designs and cool artwork.  Sublimation is the best process manufacturers use to infuse fabric with color.  The result is a wrestling singlet with patterns and designs that look like they’re part of the material, giving the uniform a much more professional appearance.  Before sublimation, singlets had to be customized with patches to add pictures or letters.  This added weight to the garment and offers an edge that can be scraped and caught on during a match.  Singlets with different colored sections were made of separate panels of material, leaving a seam that can be uncomfortable.  Because colors and artwork are infused into the material of a sublimated singlet, this type of wrestling uniform is completely smooth to the body, creating a sleek profile and a terrific feel.  Sublimation has become the gold standard of wrestling singlets and is the most popular choice for both teams and individuals.
Perhaps the main reason so many teams and athletes love sublimated wrestling singlets is because they look so cool and unique.  There are tons of awesome singlets with absolutely incredible artwork sold as a stock uniforms, leaving many opportunities for wrestlers to stand out from the crowd.  These include just about any design you can think of from super hero costumes to your favorite NCAA college team.  With a little shopping, you can find a killer sublimated singlet with unique artwork and a low price that will communicate to the world who you are as an athlete and a person.  If you can’t find a uniform for sale that fits your personal style, sublimation also allows custom options so you can create any look you want.  Sublimated wrestling singlets are so popular they are often used as top awards at huge tournaments.  These coveted prizes are awesome to wear at other tournaments so you can show your competitors you’ve won a big meet. 
Besides the cool appearance, sublimated wrestling singlets offer more benefits in the performance realm.  The process of sublimation will not work on cheap polyester or singlets with low quality material, it must have high grade lycra/nylon fabric to infuse the colors with.  This means most any sublimated wrestling uniform will be a top performing garment.  Singlets with this type of material will cling most comfortably to the body without being too tight while still providing plenty of support.  The best sublimated wrestling uniforms also use fabric designs that will wick moisture away from the body, creating a lighter, cooler feel during heated action.  Moisture wicking sublimated singlets cool the body faster and thus help you recover quicker, keeping you more fresh for the next period and throughout the day.  When you pick out a wrestling uniform with cool sublimated graphics, you will have a new confidence wearing something you’ve personally chosen or even created.  This will translate into a better physical performance on the mat. 
The fact is, you have a better chance of achieving your full potential and having the most fun with a sublimated wrestling singlet.  You will look cooler, move faster and perform better wearing one of these professionally designed wrestling uniforms.  As the process of sublimation drive up the cost a bit, the many benefits you get from these singlets make it worth it.  If you shop at the right store however you can often find lower prices on some of the best brand name sublimated wrestling singlets.  At Highlandsfightgear, we carry a huge selection of the most interesting looking singlets with high tech designs that will propel you into the next bracket at every tournament.  We offer the best performing uniforms at a very affordable cost.  We are also glad to offer volume discounts for teams, clubs and schools.  Contact us by phone or email if you have any questions about our sublimated wrestling singlets or to request a quote for a team order.