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Wrestling Mat Mops & Cleaning Systems

Prevent Ringworm & Staph Infections By Cleaning Your Gym Floors & Training Mats w/the Best Wrestling Mat Mops. We Offer Industrial Strength Wrestling Mat Mopping Systems, Wringer Buckets & Professional Gym Cleaning Supplies for Sale at Discount Prices.

Contagious skin infections such as ringworm, staph and impetigo are commonly transmitted by grappling on dirty training mats; combatting these problems are an ongoing issue for every responsible gym owner.  Without proper attention, athletes become sick and your gym’s reputation can be quickly damaged causing a drop in membership and a loss of income.  Mops and cleaning systems designed specifically for wrestling mats are a necessary investment for keeping your facility free of contagious illnesses.  Extremely durable, extra wide mops with heads that are washable and super absorbent work excellent for cleaning your mats with antibacterial soaps.  A good bucket system with tight ringers is essential for sanitizing every gym floor.  When thorough cleanings are performed regularly, the best wrestling mat mopping systems offer nearly complete prevention of the most common contagious skin diseases.  As a gym owner, you have a responsibility to keep your facility pristine and germ free so your athletes can thrive in a healthy atmosphere.  A good wrestling mat mop and bucket wringer cleaning system are the tools you need to accomplish this.
As a business person, you’ve invested a lot of money into your training mats.  Keeping them pristine for as long as possible will be important for a return on your investment.  Cleaning your mats regularly with the right antibacterial solution and wrestling mat mop will also help preserve them for a longer life.  Dirt, grit and grime that builds up on the surface of a training mat will increase friction and cause a faster wear and tear.  Regular cleanings with a good mat mop and bucket wringer system gently massage moisture into the tiny pours on the mat’s surface.  This helps preserve the soft, spongy top of a wrestling mat, preventing it from drying out, getting hard and cracking around the edges.  The best cleaning systems for training mats have removable mop heads with extremely soft material that help condition the mat’s top surface.  Considering the high cost of wrestling mats and padded floor coverings, a good wrestling mat mop and bucket wringer cleaning system is a necessary expense for protection of your investment.  Fortunately, these items are very affordable.
When equipping your facility with the best wrestling mat mops, choose a complete system that will give you the most effective sanitizing in the fastest, most efficient manner.  The best mops for cleaning wrestling mats have long, rigid mop heads up to 6 ft. long that are pushed with a pole.  Push mops are the easiest to use and simply require walking the length of the mat back and forth while spreading antibacterial solution.  Push mop heads are lengthy, sturdy cloth pads that attach with velcro and are easily removed for washing in a machine.  The best mop heads for use on wrestling training mats are made with material that’s super soft, absorbent and extremely durable to withstand multiple washings and heavy use.  Cloth mops are perhaps slower and more work to use but still very effective for thorough cleaning of dirty mats.  A good bucket and wringer system is also a great investment for gyms that want to stay bacteria free.  The best mop and bucket systems have wheels to easily steer them around and are made with super thick, nearly indestructible plastic. 
When you buy a mopping system for your wrestling mats, you want it to last the longest so you don’t have to buy it again.  Purchasing mops and cleaning products for a commercial facility with anything less than industrial strength is foolish, so be careful where you shop.  When you buy a wrestling mat mop or complete bucket and wringer system from our online store, you can rest assured you’re getting professional quality cleaning equipment and for affordable prices.  While the best mops and cleaning system packages are not cheap, these top quality products set records in durability and will ensure the most complete cleaning for your mats.  Rather than carrying a bulky mop and heavy wringer and bucket from a store, order them online and enjoy the convenience of having the best professional cleaning products delivered right to your door!  At, we take hygiene seriously and try to offer the strongest and best industrial strength equipment and solutions for the cheapest prices.  If you have any questions about any of the wrestling mat mops or bucket wringer systems we feature in our store, contact us by phone or email and we will be glad to help.