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Boxing & MMA Protective Hand Wraps

Protect Your Hands & Wrists From Injury by Wearing Boxing and Mma Hand Wraps. We Offer a Great Selection of The Best Boxing & Mma Hand Wraps Including Traditional Gauze & Tape and Elastic Mexican Hand Wraps in a Wide Variety of Lengths & Colors For Sale at Cheap Prices.

Cazador GauzeCazador Gauze
Revgear Elastic Boxing and Martial Arts Hand Wraps 2" x 120"Revgear Elastic Boxing and Martial Arts Hand Wraps 2" x 120"
Revgear Extra Long MMA Hand Wraps 2" x 200"Revgear Extra Long MMA Hand Wraps 2" x 200"
Skin Ripper Hand, Knuckle, Finger and Wrist Boxing & MMA TapeSkin Ripper Hand, Knuckle, Finger and Wrist Boxing & MMA Tape
Easy Wraps & Gel Wraps

Easy Wraps & Gel Wraps

Revgear Gel Hand WrapsRevgear Gel Hand Wraps

When the wrong part of the hand or wrist absorbs the impact of a punch, the bones and joints can be exposed to injury. Without the right protective gear, common injuries can include misalignments, sprains, dislocations and even fractures. This is why boxers and mma fighters use protective gear over their fists for both competition and training. Underneath padding over their knuckles, cloth, gauze or elastic strips of material called boxing hand wraps are used by fighters to keep the bones and joints of their hands and wrists tighter when punching. Keeping the wrists and hands compressed helps maintain the alignment of the bones and makes the soft tissues stronger to better absorb the impact of a punch. Boxing and mma hand wraps keep fighter’s hands healthy during all the repetitions needed while training to improve their skills. In competition, boxing and mma hand wraps allow fighters to throw full speed punches with greater force to deliver knock out power without causing serious injuries to their hands or wrists.

Boxing and mma hand wraps come in a wide variety of lengths, styles and colors. There is also a wide variety of ways to wrap the fists, knuckles and wrists with boxing and mma hand wraps. Some wrapping methods provide more support for the wrists or thumb joints, while others offer more or less padding for the knuckles. Sometimes boxing or mma competitions have rules that dictate the type or length of hands wraps you may use. Traditional hand wraps used for boxing or mma are non-elastic strips of cloth or gauze and tape. Hand wraps best for boxing or mma training are re-usable and often include Velcro or a small tab for tying them off. Elastic hand wraps are also known as Mexican style wraps and are very popular as they are the easiest to get a tighter wrap on the hands and wrists. If not dictated by competition rules, choose the length of boxing or mma hand wrap based on personal preference or size of your hand. When wrapping your hands for mma, shorter length hand wraps fit best under mma style fingerless hand protection. When shopping for the best hand wraps for you, choose the boxing or mma hand wraps that best fits your hand size, situation or personal preference.

A great way to make sure you’re getting some of the best quality boxing or mma hand wraps is to buy them from our online store. We only deal with the most reputable brand names who offer products with good track records of durability and top performance. We offer a large selection of hand wraps great for boxing, mma or any other combat sport that requires athletes protect their fists and wrists. We sell traditional hand wraps and gauze of several different lengths and widths to fit any size hand or help with any situation you need them for. We also have elastic Mexican style hand wraps for sale in many different colors and lengths. All the boxing and mma hand wraps we offer have super cheap prices to make owning numerous pair possible and affordable on any budget. Choosing the right hand wrap for you is easy when you shop with us. All the boxing and mma hand wrap products we sell have high resolution graphics and detailed descriptions so you know exactly what you’re getting before you order. We also work hard to offer the best customer service possible. Please contact us if you need help with your order or have questions about any of the boxing or mma hand wraps we have for sale and we will be glad to help.