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Cliff Keen Signature Wrestling Headgear

You Will Never Sacrifice Performance or Protection When You Wear Cliff Keen Signature Wrestling Headgear. We Offer The Best Selection of Cliff Keen Signature Ear Guards in All Colors For Kids & Adults on Sale For Cheap, Discount Prices.

Wrestling headgear that’s too bulky can feel like you’re wearing a big, clunky helmet and slow you down during a match.  Good headgear also has to stay put during all the action.  There’s nothing more irritating than wrestling headgear that moves around or slides off your head in the middle of combat.  The best ear guards for wrestling not only offers great protection but is designed for performance.  For the best of both worlds, most wrestlers choose Cliff Keen Signature headgear.  Since their inception over 50 years ago, Cliff Keen Signature 4-strap headgear has been the most popular in its class with the design hardly changing from the original patent.  Cliff Keen Signature headgear is made with an inner hard polycarbonate plastic shell encased with VNF padded foam.  With a system of 4 vinyl straps including two on top of the head, one hugging the base of the skull and the fourth under the jaw line, these ear guards offer the best protection and lowest profile possible.  Cliff Keen Signature wrestling headgear for sale comes with white straps and pads offered in numerous different colors you can choose to match your school team or favorite singlet.
Besides being one of the cheapest pieces of equipment you will own, the best things about Cliff Keen Signature Headgear for sale is the performance they bring to your game.  Whether you wrestle K-8, high school or college, these ear guards will help bring out the best of your wrestling regardless of experience level.  Cliff Keen Signature headgear adheres tightly to your head and boasts the lowest profile in wrestling, yet still allows plenty of room inside the cup for the ear offering the best protection possible.  For athletes with ear injuries or just larger size ears, the Cliff Keen Signature also offers a deep ear cup model as well.  During a match, it’s important the headgear you choose will still allow you to hear your coach from the sideline.  Cliff Keen Signature wrestling ear guards for sale has 4 holes in each side to allow the best hearing clarity possible.  Off the mat, the VNF padded foam and vinyl straps on Signature headgear is very sweat resistant, making them very easy to clean.  After a match or workout, a simple wipe down with an antibacterial body wipe will keep your Cliff Keen Signature headgear sanitized and the pads moisturized for the longest life of this equipment.
Cliff Keen Signature wrestling headgear comes in both adult and youth sizes however kids can still wear the adult models.  The only difference between the two is the adult headgear has slightly longer straps that can simply be cut down to size after being adjusted to fit.  All Cliff Keen Signature ear guards need to be adjusted to fit the athletes head.  This procedure is not complicated however compared to other styles of headgear is not the easiest task.  The good news is once adjusted to the size you want, it’s rare you will have to ever work on it again.  Another adjustment available to Cliff Keen Signature headgear is the 2-slot holder.  Depending on the shape of the athlete’s head, sometimes the front strap migrates down the forehead and can become distracting.  When this is the case, adding a 2-slot holder to your Cliff Keen Signature wrestling headgear is an easy adjustment that will keep the two straps together on top of the head.  Depending on your style and preference, you can also add a chin cup to your pair of Signature ear guards in case you don’t like the way the strap under the jaw feels.
Regardless of whether you’re at a K-8, high school or college tournament, at least 90% of the competitors will be wearing Cliff Keen Signature headgear.  The reason for this is simple.  These ear guards offer the best combination of protection and performance you will find.  Whether you’re just training or competing at a top level, Cliff Keen Signature wrestling headgear are the best solution for preventing ear injuries while still looking stylish on the mat.  At our online store, we offer every color of these low profile ear guards for sale at a cheap, discount price.  Buy your Cliff Keen Signature ear guards from our online store and you will be amazed at how easy and fast it is to get the best equipment shipped right to your door.  Shopping with us is the most convenient way to get the wrestling supplies you need and the customer service you deserve.  If you have questions about any of the Cliff Keen Signature headgear we feature or would like to discuss custom options, contact us by phone or email and we will be glad to help.