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Serious Gear For Serious Athletes...

Train & Compete In Combat Sports Safely With The RIGHT Equipment. Here We Offer The Best Fight Training Gear & Combat Sports Supplies For Sale At Cheap, Discount Prices.

No matter which discipline you choose, combat sports take full dedication, however always worth your efforts.  Not only are they physically challenging but they instill important character traits such as self discipline, work ethic and sportsmanship while embracing the true spirit of competition.  As one of the oldest sports known, man has been enthralled with the challenge and adrenaline of one on one combat for the ultimate contest.  It’s only with the proper equipment however that keeps combative sports safe so athletes can practice and compete without injury. 
Whether you’re sparring in the gym or fighting for the title, combat sports victories are forged in the crucible of training with intensity and frequency being key elements.  For optimum performance in both practice and competition, you must have equipment that will withstand the regular grind of hard training and no holds barred combat.  Cheap, low quality sports gear can be a distraction and cause you to lose a match despite all your efforts in the gym.  Whether your goal is a professional title or just be a better high school athlete, only the best fight and grappling gear will ensure continued success and progression of your skills.
Enjoy Our Excellent Selection of the Best Combat Gear....

Enjoy Our Excellent Selection of the Best Combat Gear....

At HighlandsFightGear, we are a combat supply superstore that offers a huge selection of only the best name brand fight gear and training equipment for sale at cheap, discount prices.  No matter your experience level, we make it easy and affordable to find equipment that will give you the edge needed to excel in both training and competition.  Our staff is available to answer questions by phone or email; customer service is a top priority.  When you buy combat sports equipment from HighlandsFightGear, not only will you get the best supplies for the cheapest prices, you will also be contributing to a great cause.  A large percentage of every dollar profited from our supply store goes to Highlands Wrestling Club, a non-profit grappling club dedicated to teaching youth and high school aged kids the art one of the oldest combat sports.