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Wrestling Shorts

Enhance Your Workouts & Improve Grappling Performance With a Pair of Awesome Comfortable & Professional Looking Wrestling Shorts. We Offer The Best Training Shorts For Wrestling On Sale For Cheap, Clearance Discount Prices.

Wrestlers wear singlets as the required uniform for competition, however prefer baggier, more comfortable clothing for their workouts.  While there are no guidelines for what to wear while practicing, wrestling shorts that are too tight can limit your ability to move and prevent you from improving your skills.  Wrestling shorts with stretchable fabric are the best clothes to wear when grappling for the freest movement and slickest performance.  These training shorts are not only super comfortable, but will also boost your confidence by giving you the look of a professional fighter or master of grappling.  There are certain features on grappling shorts that make them more desirable than others; if you know what to look for before buying, you can avoid getting stuck with cheap wrestling workout shorts that are uncomfortable or less durable. 
While grappling shorts with flashy artwork or a discounted price is hard to pass up, a proper fit is most important.  Wrestling shorts should fit snug on the hips, however not restrictive, and baggy in the thighs to allow the fullest range of motion.  Most shorts are mid to long length, chosen by individual preference but best to keep away from shorts with too much excess fabric that may limit speed.  The most comfortable shorts for grappling have soft elastic, stretchable waistbands, but the best performance is found in shorts with velcro and tie strings.  A tie string on the inside of the waist band is great for making your wrestling training shorts totally secure and unable to be pulled down, unlike elastic only bands.  Grappling shorts with an elastic waistband, tie drawstring and velcro strap in front provide the best combination of comfort and an awesome adjustable fit.
Other than freedom of movement (and a discount price), the next most important feature to look for in the best wrestling training shorts is durability.  If your shorts have cheap fabric and fall apart after a just a few grappling workouts, you will have wasted your money and have to buy more.  The best shorts for wrestling are double stitch designed and have rip-stop material.  Some shorts are made of a combination of nylon and cotton for a super lightweight, extremely sturdy garment.  Grappling shorts with material that provides a slick sheen are great for enhancing your speed and allowing you to slide on the mat rather than stick.  Covering your hips and thighs with high tech stretchable material will allow you to move better than you ever have before.  A proper fit will allow for awesome, unbridled training and an overall improvement of every wrestling skill you possess if you workout in them regularly.  While wrestling shorts cannot be used for competition and are only for training and warming up, you will want to add them to your list of essential wrestling gear. 
When shopping for the best grappling shorts, you will be amazed at how many different models and styles there are.  The most awesome wrestling training shorts have killer sublimated graphics and interesting designs.  At our online wrestling gear store, we carry all the best brand name shorts with the most durable, comfortable stretchable fabric for the ultimate grappling performance.  Watch your skills quickly improve when you wear high tech wrestling shorts every time you work out!  We have a huge selection of discount priced grappling shorts so you can choose several models to wear a different pair every time you train; it’s a huge priority for us to keep our prices cheap so you can get fully equipped with top quality training apparel.  We also have excellent customer service to process orders immediately so you can get the pair of shorts you want shipped right to your door fast.  If you have any questions about sizing or availability for any of the grappling shorts we offer, contact us by phone or email and we will be glad to help.