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Wrestling Protective Padding

You Can Wrestle Harder & More Intensely When You Protect Your Body with Good Quality Wrestling Pads. We Offer the Best, Most Comfortable, High Performance Padded Gear for Wrestling Including Mens, Womens & Kids Sizes For Sale at Cheap, Online Discount Prices

Wrestling is a rough sport. Even though it’s performed on padded mats, both your joints and skin take a constant beating for men, women and kids. Getting banged around, taken down hundreds of times and frequently picked up and thrown to the ground, wrestler’s joints and body bear the brunt of one of the toughest sports ever known. Besides the constant physical impact, the skin is also at risk of being injured. While the padding on wrestling mats is designed for protection and the wrestler’s safety, it also has a rubberized coating to provide traction for wrestling shoes. Without the stick from the rubberized coating, athletes would slide all over the place and couldn’t workout. However, burns, abrasions and even pressure wounds are common injuries when the athlete’s exposed skin rubs against the mat’s surface, eventually causing an abrasion. Even though these types of injuries are considered minor, it’s best to take them seriously as they can easily become worse especially if you keep training on them. Nagging sores and painful joints distract your focus, make it less fun to wrestle and weaken your performance. Without proper coverings or padded gear, even a slight mat burn can turn into a nasty infection when exposed to skin pathogens commonly found on padded wrestling mats. Protecting your joints and sensitive areas with good wrestling pads can prevent your soft tissues from getting scraped and bloodied and your hard tissues from being contused or sprained. 
Wearing good wrestling pads will add more safety, hygiene and comfort during training for all men, women and kids. However don’t just choose the first padded gear you find for sale from the discount clearance rack at a sports store. The quality of the wrestling pads you choose can make or break your performance and also impact their ability to prevent injuries. For the most ongoing and best protection, you will wear wrestling pads for many hours of training and every competition. Avoid wrestling pads made with cheap materials that will break down quickly and need replacing after just a few wears. Cheap wrestling padded gear tends to weaken at the seams and start to become loose. Wrestling pads should have a secure fit to stay put during combat but not so tight to limit range of motion or be too uncomfortable to wear for extended periods. No matter what part of the body they’re protecting, the best wrestling pads will have a sleek profile and not be bulky, heavy or have corners/pieces sticking out. Choose padding for men, women and kids for sale that will offer the least friction against the rubberized surface of wrestling mats. The best pads will have a slick sheen and made of materials designed to slide against the mat rather than stick. Besides the brutal wear and tear from training, your wrestling pads must also be sturdy enough to be washed frequently with strong disinfectants.
You can wrestle much harder and more confidently, knowing you have protection with padded wrestling gear covering your joints and skin. The wrestling pads you choose will have a direct impact on your performance, which is why making sure you have top quality equipment is mandatory; so buying your padded safety supplies from a reputable dealer is essential. This is why you should buy all your wrestling padded equipment from our online wrestling supplies store. We carry the best quality wrestling pads from all the top name brands so you can shop with confidence. We have wrestling pads of all sizes including mens, womens and even kids for sale at very cheap prices. We also have many styles and colors to choose from so you can customize your look. This is easy to do if you buy your pads from our online wrestling supplies store. All our wrestling padded products have high resolution graphics and detailed descriptions so you can see exactly what you’re getting to make the best decision. We also have great customer service in case you have questions about any of the wrestling pads or gear we have for sale. Contact us by phone or email and we will be glad to help.