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Men's Wrestling Singlets

Be Comfortable and Perform your Best while Grappling, by Buying the Best Men’s Wrestling Singlet in your Size. We offer a Huge Selection of Affordable, High Quality, Machine Washable Men’s Wrestling Singlets, available Only in Men’s Sizes, from Top Rated Name Brands, in all Cuts, as well as a Variety of Unique Colors and Cool Styles, at Cheap Discount Online Sales Prices.

Adidas Lehigh Stock SingletAdidas Lehigh Stock Singlet
Adidas Reversible SingletAdidas Reversible Singlet
Adidas Solid Stock SingletAdidas Solid Stock Singlet
Adidas Wide Side Panel SingletAdidas Wide Side Panel Singlet
Cage Fighter Jordan Burroughs USA Singlet - RedCage Fighter Jordan Burroughs USA Singlet - Red
Cliff Keen Collegiate Compression Gear SingletCliff Keen Collegiate Compression Gear Singlet
Cliff Keen Guillotine Compression Gear SingletCliff Keen Guillotine Compression Gear Singlet
Cliff Keen Historic Eagle Branded Sublimated SingletCliff Keen Historic Eagle Branded Sublimated Singlet
Cliff Keen Metcalf Series Buck Sublimated SingletCliff Keen Metcalf Series Buck Sublimated Singlet
Cliff Keen Metcalf Series Bull Sublimated SingletCliff Keen Metcalf Series Bull Sublimated Singlet
Cliff Keen Relentless Compression Gear SingletCliff Keen Relentless Compression Gear Singlet
Cliff Keen Reversal Reversible Men's Wrestling SingletCliff Keen Reversal Reversible Men's Wrestling Singlet
Cliff Keen Sublimated Stock USA Navy Wrestling SingletCliff Keen Sublimated Stock USA Navy Wrestling Singlet
Cliff Keen Sublimated Stock USA Wrestling Singlet - RedCliff Keen Sublimated Stock USA Wrestling Singlet - Red
Clinch Gear USA Singlet - RoyalClinch Gear USA Singlet - Royal
Matman 6 Hi-Cut Reversible SingletMatman 6 Hi-Cut Reversible Singlet
Matman 95 Heavyweight SingletMatman 95 Heavyweight Singlet
Matman Army Camo Wrestling SingletMatman Army Camo Wrestling Singlet
Matman Athens Wrestling Singlet - RedMatman Athens Wrestling Singlet - Red
Matman Athens Wrestling Singlet - RoyalMatman Athens Wrestling Singlet - Royal
Matman Beijing Singlet - BlueMatman Beijing Singlet - Blue
Matman Beijing Singlet - RedMatman Beijing Singlet - Red
Matman Chest Sweep SingletMatman Chest Sweep Singlet
Matman Double Knit Stock SingletMatman Double Knit Stock Singlet
Matman Eclipse Wrestling SingletMatman Eclipse Wrestling Singlet
Matman Goodwill Low Cut Singlet - BlackMatman Goodwill Low Cut Singlet - Black
Matman Goodwill Low Cut Singlet - RedMatman Goodwill Low Cut Singlet - Red
Matman Goodwill Low Cut Wrestling Singlet - RoyalMatman Goodwill Low Cut Wrestling Singlet - Royal
Matman Illinois Wrestling SingletMatman Illinois Wrestling Singlet
Matman Liberty Wrestling SingletMatman Liberty Wrestling Singlet
Matman Low Cut Reversible Lycra SingletMatman Low Cut Reversible Lycra Singlet
Matman Lycra High Cut Stock SingletMatman Lycra High Cut Stock Singlet
Matman Mat Tex Reversible SingletMatman Mat Tex Reversible Singlet
Matman Mesh Reversible SingletMatman Mesh Reversible Singlet
Matman Nylon Singlet - BlackMatman Nylon Singlet - Black
Matman Nylon Singlet - Kelly GreenMatman Nylon Singlet - Kelly Green
Matman Nylon Singlet - MaroonMatman Nylon Singlet - Maroon
Matman Nylon Singlet - NavyMatman Nylon Singlet - Navy
Matman Nylon Singlet - PurpleMatman Nylon Singlet - Purple
Matman Nylon Singlet - RedMatman Nylon Singlet - Red
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Baggy clothing may be great for cutting weight but it’s not the best choice for competing in wrestling. Loose men’s apparel causes friction, gets in your way and slows you down on the mat. It also makes it easier for your opponent to grab hold of your clothing giving him an unfair advantage. Besides performance issues, baggy men’s clothing also makes it difficult for wrestling referees to see important details during a match so they don’t make the most accurate calls. This is why the sport of wrestling requires male athletes to wear men’s singlets. Men’s wrestling singlets for sale are a one-piece design that are skin tight so ref’s can see every move and leave nothing for your opponent to grab onto during a match. The best men’s wrestling singlet are made of stretchy, machine washable lycra and nylon blended materials to provide a cool, unique supportive grappling uniform that will enhance your performance on the mat. When buying men’s wrestling singlets one of the most important things, is that it fits properly and is made for your body type. This is because the best wrestling singlets are made to be skin tight. Wrestling is not just a sport for males with men’s bodies. If the singlet you buy is not your size or not made to fit an adult male body, any other type of wrestling singlet will simply not work. For the best performance, you need the best fitting wrestling singlet made specifically for men’s physiques so it will be as comfortable as possible and move with you while wrestling. It is particularly important when shopping online to make sure that the wrestling uniform you buy is a men’s wrestling singlet in your size.

Besides making sure the grappling uniform you buy is a man’s wrestling singlet in your size you also want to make sure that it is a high quality men’s wrestling uniform that will provide the fit, performance and durability you need.  Cheap men’s wrestling singlets are often too tight in the hips causing the uniform to butch up in the crotch. This is very uncomfortable and a constant distraction. Cheap discount quality men’s wrestling uniforms are also often too tight on the shoulders pulling your body slightly forward, changing your posture and balance, causing an adverse effect on technique. This doesn’t mean you have to spend a ton of money either. There are many top rated and affordable, high quality men’s wrestling uniforms for sale online, at everyday cheap discount prices that fit properly and look really cool. When selecting the best fit for an affordable, machine washable men’s wrestling singlet it’s also important to choose the right style for the type of wrestling you practice. There are three different cuts of men’s wrestling singlets for sale. The high cut, low cut and fila cut, each providing a unique fit and available in short and long lengths depending on personal preference. Short length men’s wrestling singlets are cropped at the very top of the thigh and provide faster movement but are more revealing. Longer length wrestling uniforms stop right above men’s knees to cover more skin and offer more support. High and fila cut men’s wrestling singlets both cover most of the chest, however the fila cut wrestling uniform drops lower under the arms providing freer range of motion, but a bit less support. The best fila and high cut men’s wrestling singlets are the most commonly used for grade school and collegiate level folkstyle wrestling competition. Low cut men’s wrestling singlets for sale are the most revealing with the front plunging to the middle of the abdomen, open sides and a thin strap that runs up the back. Low cut men’s wrestling singlets offer the greatest range of motion, but the least amount support and are best used for freestyle and Greco roman wrestling.

At we offer a huge selection of the best wrestling singlets from top rated name brands, in variety of styles, cuts and colors, at everyday cheap discount online sales prices. All of the singlets for sale in this section are machine washable high quality name brand men’s wrestling singlets, made for adult male bodies and available only in men’s sizes. We make it easy and affordable for you to find and buy the best and coolest looking unique men’s wrestling uniform for you and you can rest assured knowing we have any easy return policy if the singlet you buy doesn’t fit right and the top rated name brands we carry have the best warranties. We also provide high resolution photos, detailed products descriptions and an easy checkout to help make it as easy as possible for you to find and buy the best men’s wrestling singlet for you. Being an online based wrestling supplies store we do not have many of the expensive operating costs of traditional stores. These savings allow us to offer the same name brand wrestling uniforms as the other guys at much cheaper and deeply discounted online sales price. Buy your men’s wrestling uniforms from our online store and you will save time and money while getting the best and coolest unique men’s wrestling singlet for you. We also have fast affordable shipping and top rated customer service. If you have questions or need any help finding the best machine washable men’s wrestling singlet for you and your style of grappling give us a call or send us an email and we will be glad to help. 

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