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Antibacterial Soaps & Shower Gels

Don’t Miss Practice Because of Jock Itch When You Safeguard Your Body by Showering w/the Strongest Antibacterial Soaps. We Have the Best Brands of Antimicrobial Bar & Liquid Soaps to Repel Germs For Sale at Good Discount Prices.

Defense Bar Soap Protective Travel Dish CaseDefense Bar Soap Protective Travel Dish Case
Defense Bar Travel KitDefense Bar Travel Kit
Defense Deluxe Travel KitDefense Deluxe Travel Kit
Defense Foaming Face & Hand SoapDefense Foaming Face & Hand Soap
Defense Soap 3 Bar Soap SetDefense Soap 3 Bar Soap Set
Defense Soap BarDefense Soap Bar
Defense Soap Bar - PeppermintDefense Soap Bar - Peppermint
Defense Soap Bars (6 Pack w/Dish)Defense Soap Bars (6 Pack w/Dish)
Defense Soap Bars (6 Pack w/Dish) - PeppermintDefense Soap Bars (6 Pack w/Dish) - Peppermint
Defense Soap Gel (1 Gallon Dispenser)Defense Soap Gel (1 Gallon Dispenser)
Defense Soap Gel (8oz.)Defense Soap Gel (8oz.)
Defense Soap Gel (8oz.) - PeppermintDefense Soap Gel (8oz.) - Peppermint

There is much evidence proving washing your hands with antibacterial soaps repels germs and safeguards against illness.  Despite this, the average consumer is now being warned by the FDA to limit the use of these products on the rest of the body.  Besides questionable efficacy, studies even warn of potentials hazards associated with frequent use.  Experts suggest too much exposure to antibacterial bar soaps or liquid shower gels will disrupt the body’s normal bacteria flora leaving you more susceptible to harmful germs.  Wrestlers however must safeguard themselves with the strongest personal hygiene products because their exposure to contagious pathogens is much greater than the average consumer’s.  These athletes are in constant skin contact with other athletes on training mats that are nearly impossible to keep clean.  Without the strongest antibacterial soaps to repel germs and safeguard against jock itch and several other contagious germs, they would be covered with skin diseases.  While antibacterial soaps and shower gels remain controversial to the general public, many good brands are standard gear for wrestlers and combat athletes who want the best results.
The FDA also offers stern warnings against overuse of antibacterial soaps for brands that contain the chemical Triclosan.  Triclosan is an antibacterial agent repels germs and inhibits pathogen growth but also causes damage to live human cells.  This chemical is one of the strongest safeguards against bacteria and is a main ingredient in some of the best antibacterial hygiene products including bar soaps, shower gels, toothpastes and many other household cleaning products.  Triclosan can disrupt the body’s hormonal system interfering with reproductive, neurological and immune processes.  When combined with chlorine found in tap water, Triclosan creates harmful neuro-toxins such as chloroform gas.  When exposed to UV radiation, it converts into a toxic carcinogen called dioxin that virtually never leaves the body.  Wrestlers and combat athletes who are simply looking to safeguard against jock itch and repel germs collected from their training partners, using natural products without Triclosan is highly recommended.  While there are many personal hygiene products that contain this dangerous compound, there are also many good brands of antibacterial bar soaps and liquid shower gels without it.
When shopping for the best antibacterial personal hygiene products, combat athletes should refer to a short list of important characteristics.  Because of the repeated exposure to contagious germs, wrestlers require the strongest bar soaps and liquid shower gels to safeguard against jock itch and many other common pathogens.  Before buying, check packaging to make sure the hygiene product offers a broad spectrum of prevention or at least repels against the most common microbes encountered.  These athletes will require daily use of antibacterial products, so it’s important the soap bars or liquid shower gels are not harmful to the skin or the environment.  If possible, look for good brands that offer the strongest protection however with a limited percentage or no Triclosan.  It’s also important to choose antibacterial soap bars or liquid shower gels that produce a good lather.  Soaps that lather delivers the killing agents to the skin best and also helps carry dirt and bacteria away when rinsed. 
Washing the body with antibacterial liquid and bar soaps directly after training helps repel germs and safeguard against common contagious microbes like jock itch.  Fortunately, you can get good brand name personal hygiene skin care products for the strongest protection possible for very reasonable prices online.  Even if you pay an expensive price for a reliable antibacterial soap, it’s worth it if it keeps you healthy.  At our combat supplies store, we sell brand names with the strongest, most effective antimicrobial shower liquids, gels and bar soaps for the best safeguard against harmful bacteria you will find.  We feature a wide variety of personal hygiene products including brands with all natural ingredients that are easy on the skin and environment.  We also try to keep all the antibacterial soaps and shower gels we sell at cheap prices so they are affordable to most budgets.  At, we want you to excel at your sport but our first priority is your health.  This is why we always keep our antibacterial soaps and skin care products in stock and ready to ship.