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Vale Tudo Fight Shorts

For the Best Advantage in No Holds Barred Fighting & MMA Combat, Vale Tudo Shorts Offer Good Support & Look The Coolest. We Offer Both Plain & Sublimated Vale Tudo Compression Shorts in Above & Below Mid Thigh Lengths on Sale For the Cheapest Prices.

Revgear Vale Tudo Compression Shorts - WhiteRevgear Vale Tudo Compression Shorts - White

For no holds barred Vale Tudo fighting, you should wear clothing that will allow for anything goes type action.  This type fighting is a mixture of several different types of martial arts, (however has less rules!) so you must be ready to move in any direction at any time.  Restrictions of any sort from your fight gear can result in disaster quickly.  Typical mma fight shorts with baggy legs are popular but the extra material can create friction against the mat when grappling and hinder speed.  Cheap quality mma shorts can be tight in the hips and reduce leg mobility needed for high kicks.  Vale tudo are a type of compression gear specifically designed for the movement requirements of no holds barred full contact fighting.  These cool shorts come in full or above the mid-thigh lengths and can be found for sale with plain colors or sublimated artwork in many good stores that offer the best gear.  Physically, vale tudo mma fight shorts are the perfect design for this type of combat, allowing the best ranges of motion for stand up fighting and lowest profile for grappling.  Despite their performance advantages, few mixed martial artists are seen wearing Vale Tudo shorts in the cage.  This may be because their sleek profile makes them a bit more revealing.
Whether you’re competing in a real, no holds barred combat match or a UFC mixed martial arts fight, a good pair of vale tudo compression shorts is a great choice.  Good vale tudo fight shorts are made with thick, sturdy spandex material that’s not cheap, thin or flimsy.  The best styles use moisture wicking fabric that’s been treated with antibacterial agents to keep you cooler during action while preventing odor build up.  When shopping, look for vale tudo mma shorts with layers multidirectional fabric for the most durability and support.  Fight shorts with double layered spandex material also provide a bit more compression for the best combination of terrific range of motion and a nice snug feel.  While the more traditional vale tudo mma shorts are above the mid-thigh, choose the length of short to match your personal style.  For the best performance of any type of compression shorts, look for garments with reinforced legs to prevent them from riding up the thigh during combat; this is especially important if you prefer the shorter styles.  After carefully considering performance features, choose a plain white pair so you can customize with sponsor logos.  Choose a dark color or pair with sublimated designs if you feel vale tudo shorts are too revealing.
If you’re going to let it all hang out in anything goes fighting, wear a good pair of Vale Tudo mma shorts so you not only look the coolest but also give you a performance advantage.  You need a pair of combat compression shorts you can trust that will hold up under extreme conditions while still providing the best support and most comfort.  With so much at stake, don’t just buy the first pair of shorts you see for sale at the cheapest price, shop at a store with a good reputation so you know you’re getting top quality products for an affordable price.  When you buy your vale tudo mma fight shorts from our website, you can rest assured knowing you’re getting professional level fight gear from only the best brand names.  You will also get prices that are as near to wholesale as you will find and excellent customer service from shopping to delivery.  If you have any questions about size or availability for any of the vale tudo compression shorts we have for sale in our store, please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or email and we will be glad to help.