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Women's Wrestling Shoes

Wrestle with the Best Traction & Ankle Support Possible When you Buy Ladies Wrestling Shoes in Female sizes for Both Women & Girls. We Offer a Huge Selection of the Coolest New Women’s Wrestling Footwear Including High Top Boots & Extreme Performance Grappling Sneakers at Cheap, Online Clearance Discounts & Wholesale Closeout Sales Prices.

Otomix Escape MMA Wrestling Shoe - Limited Edition PinkOtomix Escape MMA Wrestling Shoe - Limited Edition Pink
Women's Adizero Varner 2 Wrestling Shoe - Grey/Royal/WhiteWomen's Adizero Varner 2 Wrestling Shoe - Grey/Royal/White
Women's Otomix Escape MMA Wrestling Shoe - BlackWomen's Otomix Escape MMA Wrestling Shoe - Black
Women's Otomix Escape MMA Wrestling Shoe - BlueWomen's Otomix Escape MMA Wrestling Shoe - Blue
Women's Otomix Escape MMA Wrestling Shoe - GreyWomen's Otomix Escape MMA Wrestling Shoe - Grey
Women's Otomix Escape MMA Wrestling Shoe - PinkWomen's Otomix Escape MMA Wrestling Shoe - Pink
Women's Otomix Escape MMA Wrestling Shoe - RedWomen's Otomix Escape MMA Wrestling Shoe - Red
Women's Otomix Ninja Warrior Combat Shoes - BlackWomen's Otomix Ninja Warrior Combat Shoes - Black
Women's Otomix Ninja Warrior Combat Sports Shoes - WhiteWomen's Otomix Ninja Warrior Combat Sports Shoes - White

In the sport of women’s wrestling, standard athletic shoes are not permitted as their hard soles and sharp edges cause damage to the mat. They are also not the best footwear for providing the traction and amount of support ladies need when wrestling. Women’s wrestling shoes and boots for sale are designed with soft soles to bend with the female foot and offer a sticky grip for the best traction on the mat. These sneakers are also designed for maximum support so girls can wrestle hard without worrying about ankle or foot injuries, however this is also very dependent on a proper fit. Whether you’re buying cheap, basic model grappling footwear you found for a discounted or closeout price or a pair of cool, new extreme high top women’s wrestling shoes, it’s very important you get the right size so they fit the female foot. Comparatively, girl’s feet are narrower and have higher insteps and arches. Male wrestling shoe sizes are too large for women’s feet and will not only be very uncomfortable to wrestle in, but will not provide the proper support needed for ladies to perform at their best.
The best women’s wrestling footwear has features that enhance both support and traction for the ladies foot. These include soft, lightweight, breathable material that’s flexible for the best range of motion while yet also providing support. While the soles of female wrestling sneakers and grappling boots for sale are completely flat, the best ladies grappling footwear is extra tight in the arches for added support, protecting the foot and also adding more spring off the mat. High top girl’s wrestling shoes provide the most ankle support, while cheaper, low top women’s sneakers offer freer movement but less joint protection. Regardless of the style, choose new ladies wrestling shoes to be tight as they will stretch some when they break in. If you’re unsure of the size you need, the best choice is to go with the same size as your regular women’s athletic shoe. However some brands of cool grappling boots and girl’s extreme wrestling footwear for sale run one half to one size smaller. When buying women’s wrestling shoes, the best place to start is an online store with a good selection of girl’s and women’s wrestling sneakers for sale. Even if you find shoes with cheap, wholesale clearance discounts, avoid stores that do not have sizes designated specifically for females or chances are high you will be getting the wrong size.

At our online store, we have a huge selection of top brand name wrestling footwear in both women’s and girl’s sizes. We make it easy for you to buy female wrestling shoes and ladies high top grappling boots and get the correct size without worry. All the girl’s and women’s new wrestling sneakers we have for sale are in female sizes so you don’t have to do any mathematical size conversions and risk getting something that doesn’t fit. We also have an easy return policy should the women’s wrestling shoes you buy not have the perfect feel, we will be glad to exchange them. In our store, we have a wide range of prices of ladies wrestling footwear for sale, from higher end extreme styles to nearly wholesale closeout models. If you’re looking for the best shoes for the cheapest price, we also frequently have a good selection of previous year’s women’s and girl’s wrestling sneakers at clearance discounts. Our website is easy to navigate so you can find the coolest, correct size women’s wrestling shoes fast. At Highlandsfightgear, all our products have high resolution photos and detailed descriptions so you know exactly what you’re getting. Our checkout is easy but we also try hard to offer the best customer service possible if you need any help. Please contact us if you have questions about any of the women’s or girl’s wrestling boots or high top grappling shoes we have for sale and we will be glad to help.