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Martial Arts & MMA Fight Shorts

Move Faster & Better in the Cage w/a Good Pair of Short or Mid Thigh Fight Gear Shorts. We Offer the Best Plain & Coolest Sublimated Fight Shorts for Men, Women & Kids on Sale for Cheap, Clearance Wholesale Prices.

In professional fighting, the toughest athletes train relentlessly for years to become the best in the world.  To rise through the ranks and reach the top of the sport, men, women and even kids must use every legal advantage.  This includes studying with the best coaches, precision nutrition, supplementation and even specialized gear.  Shorts made specifically for fighting offer a performance edge for both training and top level competition; if you’re the only fighter without them, you will be at a significant disadvantage.  A pair of short or mid thigh fight shorts will allow you to move faster and better showcase the skills you’ve worked so hard for.  Plain fight shorts with the coolest sublimated graphics and sponsor’s logos will improve your confidence by giving you a professional look that will translate into many victories in the ring.  Fortunately, with the current popularity of professional martial arts fighting, it’s easy to find good fight shorts for sale at cheap prices.  If you’re a savvy enough shopper, you can often find fight shorts on clearance or even wholesale.
When compared to any other type of clothing gear, competitive athletes prefer shorts over long pants for sparring and full contact fighting.  This is because short, mid thigh shorts are the least restrictive and offer the best advantages in nearly every situation you will encounter whether you fight up top or on the ground.  Long pants with cheap material that binds on your thigh may limit your range of motion when kicking, causing you to fall or miss your target.  For the best performance, don’t just go out and buy the first pair of shorts you see on sale from the wholesale clearance rack.  Try to avoid going with the coolest look or flashiest sublimated graphics; a good pair of plain fight shorts with a proper fit is the best choice.  Whether it’s men’s, women’s or even kids fight shorts, they must be loose enough in the thighs, hips and crotch for a flexible athlete to be able to perform the splits or at least head high kicks.  On the contrary, fight shorts should be snug enough in the hips and crotch to provide some support for a protective cup.  It’s also important your fight shorts are not restrictive in the loins or butt region as this may reduce leg movement or lead to uncomfortable rashes. 
To keep your mind focused on the fight, it’s important you have good fitting shorts that are as airy and comfortable as possible.  The best fight shorts for men, women and kids allow a custom fit around the waist as well.  Look for a combination of elastic for comfort and drawstring with velcro/hook and loop strap to adjust the waist size perfectly and keep the string covered during action.  Fight shorts made with slick, satin like material perform better than gear made with thicker canvas type material.  While thicker material shorts for sale are more durable, fight shorts made with satin-like material offer easier, smoother movement when sliding against a training mat.  Short, mid thigh satin material fight shorts are extremely lightweight and also good for sparring as they offer less friction sliding against the thighs for faster movement of your legs.  Satin material fight shorts are the coolest because most have sublimated graphics for an awesome look however plain shorts are often cheaper and can sometimes be found on clearance for near wholesale prices. 
Besides performance and the coolest look, the best thing about fight shorts for men, women and kids is they are extremely cost effective to wear.  Plain or sublimated mid thigh fight shorts are an obvious choice for competition, however will also take your sparring practice to the next level.  Practicing in cheap priced gear from the clearance rack is not the best choice as it will have to be replaced when it tears apart from the rigors of full contact fighting and hard training.  Fortunately, it’s easy to get good fight shorts for sale at near wholesale prices when you shop at the right place.  At our fight gear supplies store, we sell the best shorts for fighting and sparring practice for rock bottom clearance discount prices so it won’t cost you a lot to be your best in the ring.  Our website is organized in a way that’s easy to navigate and find the best fighting shorts for you quickly.  Our checkout is totally secure and we offer several affordable shipping options for the easiest and safest online shopping experience possible.