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MMA Cups & Groin Protection

Protect Yourself From a Low-Blow by Wearing a Good Mma Groin Guard. We Offer the Best Groin Guard Protectors for Mma Including Individual Cups and Groin Guard w/Underwear Sparring Packages For Sale at Cheap, Discount Prices.

With so many martial arts fighting disciplines used in mma, accidental shots to the groin are unfortunately very common. Inside leg kicks, knees (when fighting in the clinch or up against the cage), dirty boxing and even grappling all has potential for a crippling low-blow. When the groin is hit directly, it causes the whole body to shut down and can completely incapacitate a fighter for several minutes. Even with a protective guard, sometimes a direct hit is not necessary; just a glancing blow can put a fighter to his/her knees, causing the same reaction. This is why low blows below the belt are highly illegal in the mma cage, and also why mma groin protection is mandatory. Groin protectors for mma are protective cups held in place by either a jock strap, sports underwear or compression shorts worn during mma combat. The protective cups are made completely solid with either hard plastic or metal to guard the groin with the most protection possible. Besides the competition cage, mma groin guards should also be worn during all aspects of practice, especially when sparring with punching and kicking but also grappling. A good mma groin protector is essential martial arts sparring gear you cannot do without; it will not only protect you from injury but also keep your training and fighting interruption free.
Since you will be wearing an mma groin protector so often, it will be important you find one that fits properly and is the right style for you. There are basically two types of groin guards; cups that go underneath your shorts that you will wear like a type of underwear and guards that go over top your shorts. Mma groin guards worn underneath shorts often come as a set of a cup and jock, underwear or compression shorts and are the most versatile and best for pure mma. If you throw kicks and use your legs a lot, an mma groin protector that goes underneath your fight shorts is preferred. If you’re a fighter who does more boxing, clinch work and less kicks, a groin guard that goes outside your shorts may be best however this style is only worn during practice and not seen in the competition cage. Regardless of the type you choose, make sure the mma groin protector you buy has a comfortable and correct fit. If the cup or groin protector you choose is too big, it will be uncomfortable, move around during combat and may not provide the protection you expect it to. When buying an mma protective groin guard, the cup size you choose will depend on your waist size. While everyone has different body types and builds, no one groin guard will fit the same on two people. The best way to choose the right mma groin protector for your style of fighting is to read reviews before buying and don’t be afraid to try several.
At our online mma and martial arts supplies store, safety comes first, however affordability is a close second. All the mma groin guards we have for sale are from top name brand companies with stellar reputations for producing quality protective gear, so you can rest assured knowing the guard you buy from us will be sturdy, reliable and offer the best protection. We don’t believe however, it should cost a lot to stay safe in your sport, so all the mma and martial arts protective gear we have for sale is featured at everyday low sales prices, especially the mma groin guards. We have a great selection of mma protective cups priced cheap enough you can afford to buy several so you can try them to see which works best for you and have options for both training and competition. We sell individual sports cups best for mma as well as packages that include both the groin guard and undergear for cheap prices. We have groin guards that go under or on top of your shorts and have full size ranges for both sexes. We also have great customer service should have you any questions about which mma groin protector would be best or need help with your order.