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Martial Arts Gis

For Learning Martial Arts, You Need Apparel That Offers Complete Freedom of Movement & Durability that Only a Good Gi Uniform Can Provide. We Have the Best Selection of Top Quality, Brand Name Gi Uniforms For Most Martial Arts Disciplines on Sale for Cheap, Discount Prices.

Martial arts workouts often include kicking, punching, grappling and sparring, so apparel worn must be specific to allow these movements. Clothing that’s too tight can be restricting and limit ranges of motion hindering your ability to get in the positions necessary to learn techniques properly. Uniforms that aren’t designed for fight training may not only fit right for fighting but is often not durable enough and may rip or fall apart quickly. For learning martial arts, you need apparel that’s loose, super durable and won’t distract you mentally. Martial arts gis are the perfect garments for training in while studying martial arts of any kind. Gis are baggy, lightweight, loose fitting uniforms consisting of both pants and jacket closed with a cloth belt. For the physical aspect of martial arts, gis offer the best range of motion for complete freedom of movement but are also extremely durable and meant to last through many hard workouts. Martial arts uniforms give students a unified look, making it easier to stay focused. They can also help represent rank, set you apart at a competition, and convey a sense of tradition and respect wherever you wear it.
Most martial arts require at least beginners wear the traditional white gi uniform, while some allow different colors. As there are many different styles of fighting, there are as many different gi uniforms, with some styles requiring very specific features or colors. Before buying any martial arts apparel, it’s best to check with your sensei so you don’t get stuck with an unusable gi that won’t work for the style you’ll be training. When shopping, choose a martial arts gi uniform with fabric that’s not only durable so it won’t rip, but also breathes well for the best performance and comfort. Choosing the correctly weighted martial arts gi will also make a big difference in your ability to master the fighting style you’ve chosen. Lighter weighted uniforms (8-12 oz.) allow faster movement, best for martial arts disciplines with lots of punching and kicking and are generally used by beginners and young athletes. These gis are the cheapest and most cost effective for the young student who may outgrow several uniforms throughout his training. Heavier weighted gis (12+ oz.) have thicker, more rigid material built for extra durability. These uniforms are mostly worn by experienced practitioners or martial arts instructors and work best with disciplines that include grappling.
Whether you train for full contact fighting, learning martial arts for self-discipline or just to get in shape, a properly fitting, correctly weighted uniform is essential. For a martial arts gi that’s top quality and offers the best performance for the cheapest price, you can buy your apparel with confidence from our online store. We have an excellent selection of light, medium and heavy weighted gi uniforms for most disciplines of martial arts on sale for very affordable prices. We offer the top name brands so you can rest assured the gi uniform you buy will be comfortable to wear and last a long time. In our store, it’s easy to get outfitted with the best martial arts uniform gi without ever leaving your home. All our apparel products have high resolution pictures, detailed descriptions and accurate size charts so you know what you’re getting before you buy it. We also have fast, affordable shipping right to your front door and an easy return policy should your martial arts gi not have the perfect fit. If you’re not sure what you’re looking for, our website also provides lots of helpful information so you can make the best decision. We also have top rated customer service should you have questions about which martial arts uniform gi is best for you, available by phone or email; contact us and we’ll be glad to help.