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Virus Men's Elite Bioceramic Compression Pants (Au10)
Virus Men's Elite Bioceramic Compression Pants (Au10)

Virus Men's Elite Bioceramic Compression Pants (Au10)

Virus Men's Elite Bioceramic Compression Pants (Au10)
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he Elite Series pant was designed with the assistance of a select, ELITE VIRUS athletic team. These pants were created to provide precise compression that targets the calf and quad. The Elite Series pant also provides knee reinforcement and stability for heavy weight training. This pant was constructed from 2 variations of our highest concentrated Bioceramic fabric. The BioCeramic properties are known to improve circulation, repair and regenerate overworked tissues, muscles and nerves, reduce inflammation and decrease muscle pain.

Constructed from 2 different types of our highest concentrated  Bioceramic fabrics. Fits tight. Not recommended to go down in sizing. If in between size and not comfortable with tight fitting compression, we recommened going up a size.

The Elite Series Virus compression pant was engineered for endurance and recovery. Bioceramic technology based on a proprietary fabric infused with natural compounds that emit Far-Infrared into the body producing many health benefits. Benefits include improved circulation, repair and regeneration of tissues, and increased immunity. Tighter fitting compression has been paired with a new ankle cuff opening in our AU10 model. This allows for more compression while making it easier to suit up. New print patterns allows for more viability and stronger aesthetics.

*'Bioceramic' technology was developed for rejuvenation and to counteract fatigue when applied to the skin. Mined from deep pockets in the ocean, organic compounds aid in the recovery of muscles and nerves, acts as an antioxidant, activates immune cells and increases metabolism.
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