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Cliff Keen Youth Signature 4 Strap Headgear
Cliff Keen Youth Signature 4 Strap Headgear

Cliff Keen Youth Signature 4 Strap Headgear

Cliff Keen Youth Signature 4 Strap Headgear
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Cliff Keen Youth Signature Wrestling Headgear For Best Ear Protection for Kids. Prevent cauliflower ear early with the best youth wrestling ear guards; lightweight, comfortable & fully adjustable for all youth sizes, on sale for a cheap price.

Cauliflower ear is a chronic issue with the worst cases being built over a long period of time. When starting wrestling as a youngster, ear injuries that start early have the best chance of becoming a full blown case of cauliflower ear since they will be in sport for so long. Protecting your ears against this disfiguring condition with properly fitting ear guards must be a priority as early as possible, especially as a youth wrestler. Cliff Keen Youth Signature 4 Strap Headgear provides the best prevention against cauliflower ear while allowing the best performance possible for young wrestlers.
Cliff Keen’s Youth Signature 4 Strap Headgear is the best ear guard for beginner wrestlers. They offer top of the line protection to the ear and are easy for someone new to the sport of wrestling to get used to because they’re so comfortable to wear. This is important because wrestling headgear must be worn all the time, in both training and competition for complete prevention of ear compression injuries. The Youth Signature 4 Strap Headgear is tournament legal for all sanctions and styles of wrestling.
The Cliff Keen Youth Signature 4 Strap Headgear has a low profile and uniquely designed foam padded ear guards that offer a reduced friction on the mat so you can slide out of positions easier. The Ear guards also feature 4 vent holes directly over the ear so the headgear won’t limit the athlete’s ability to hear his coach on the sidelines. Cliff Keen Signature Youth Headgear differs from adult models with the outer and inner ear guard shell being 1/2” smaller than the adult sizes, designed specifically for smaller, youth ears.
The Cliff Keen Youth Signature Headgear is easy to put on and take quickly but stays put once attached. They feature 4 head straps (two on top and two on back) and a chin strap that keep them completely secured to the head with no movement. Cliff Keen 4 Strap Youth Headgear is fully adjustable and is designed to fit all youth head sizes. These ear guards are super lightweight and offer the best ear protection and performance you will find for youth athletes. They are only available in black ear guard with white head strap colors.
When you’re just starting wrestling, you want headgear that offers the best protection and is the most comfortable to wear. Cliff Keen Youth Signature 4 Strap Headgear is safety equipment you can trust to completely prevent cauliflower ear for a long career. Buy them from our online store and you will also get a discounted price. We take safety gear seriously at and try hard to keep our prices affordable so it’s available to all budgets. We also have excellent customer service should you have questions about the fit or performance of this headgear; contact us and we are more than willing to help. 
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